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It's Excel's world, we just live in it

About us

About Us

We have been working with Microsoft Excel for more than 15 years and have helped many firms in our home country with our Excel skills. We Specialize in cleaning and transforming raw data, making charts, graphs, map charts, Pivot tables, trends, dynamic formulas, custom conditional formatting, heat map, geographical maps, and making interactive and professional excel reports that have helped the relevant stakeholders to see the insights and trends hidden behind the data




We will build an Analytics Dashboard for your company which will allow you an unparalleled opportunity to monitor and improve a variety of service metrics from Monthly Sales performance to Customer Deep Dive Analytics, live! (For live reports, the dashboard will be connected with your SQL database through a pivot data connection. The spreadsheet will have to be refreshed manually which will require your CRM credentials)

The following major KPIs will be analyzed in the dashboard:


  • Monthly Sales: By Products/Regions/Customer

  • Sales Margin: By Products/Regions/Customer

  • Sales Growth: Comparison with last year's performance

  • Cross Selling Products: Which ten products are being sold the most

  • Cohort Analysis: How are profit margins changing quarter on quarter for assorted products

  • Customer Segmentation: Segmentation of your customers on several purchasing habits

  • and lot more......

From the dashboard you’ll be able to find patterns and make educated business decisions which will help you save costs and increase Revenue more easily.

By analyzing all the available data, you’ll be able to quickly locate flaws in your process and improve upon the advantages that your business is already offering.

Excel Forms

We offer custom macros, neat and easy to use data entry forms or any other user forms you might desire (I.e. Inventory tracking system, Invoice processing forms, Work Order System, etc.). We can also make your custom functions, to save you from manually typing your complicated equations. It saves you some time, work and increases your productivity. This service includes but is not limited to: 

• data entry forms with text fields, option buttons, combo-boxes, check boxes, buttons
• integrated entry forms
• VBA code
• formulas
• macros
• attractively designed workbook and user form
• logos or other pictures included in workbook
• massage boxes

Mail Merging

Are you in need of converting your existing data into Avery Mailing Labels? Do you want to Mail Merge a lengthy list of names, addresses, or any data with a letter or Envelope? Yes, you've come to the right place, and we are here to help you out.
We will turn your thorough list of data into printable AVERY labels, letters, or envelopes. This type of service includes but is not limited to:

  • AVERY labels

  • Mailing Labels

  • Letters

  • Envelopes

  • Documents (i.e. employee contracts or other individual fill-out document/form


Facilities You will get:

  • Fast response.

  • Unlimited revision.

  • Quick on-time delivery.

  • Print-ready Word/PDF Labels.

  • All your data and files will be secure.

We will deal with any urgent delivery requirements that you have, be it a complex spreadsheet, any custom design or need that you might have, including data cleanup and reorganizing of Excel spreadsheets.

Our Clients




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